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Energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon life are actively promoting the carbon universal benefit system

Source: Date:2018-10-31 09:00:40 

On March 6, leaders of guangdong carbon inclusive innovation and development center walked into guangdong dingli automobile air conditioning co., LTD., visited the overall operation of the company and products related to energy conservation and emission reduction, and further promoted the carbon universal benefit system.

The carbon GSP is a carbon reduction incentive mechanism initiated by guangdong in the country to give value to energy saving and carbon reduction activities such as citizens and small and micro enterprises. Since last year, guangdong province has successively carried out pilot projects on carbon GSP in guangzhou, dongguan, huizhou, heyuan and other cities. In guangdong, dongguan city, the first pilot city, carbon GSP is actively create a dongguan characteristics of low carbon life, low carbon consumption, low carbon production of carbon pratt &whitney incentive mechanism, has formulated the preferential for public service exchange, enterprise carbon neutral, and a series of rules, and has set up a platform of dongguan carbon pratt &whitney, dongguan residents primarily achieved "low carbon, I benefit from" incentive system.

According to the leaders of guangdong carbon inclusive innovation and development center, the intelligent electric air conditioning products in guangdong are truly energy-saving and environment-friendly, and are listed as the pilot unit of dongguan carbon universal benefit system. It is believed that carbon universal benefit system will contribute to the rapid and sustainable development of enterprises.

Chen dongchang said that guangdong chuangli company will further implement the promotion of carbon GSP in dongguan, promote the company's low-carbon life related behavior, constantly develop and produce various low-carbon products, and cooperate with many enterprises in zhuhai to popularize carbon GSP, so as to truly realize low-carbon rights and interests and benefit the public.

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